About Me

In 2015 I was that stay at home Mom that was 35 pounds overweight, completely exhausted, stressed out, annoyed daily by my children and having intense sugar cravings, hence the 35 pounds overweight!

In the summer of 2015 we moved from NY to Utah and I knew no one. The first thing I did was join a gym and in 4 months I was able to lose 35 pounds. The gym has since become my happy place.

By October 2016 my chronic fatigue got the better of me and when a friend told me about some health supplements she used I had nothing to lose and everything to gain. When I say I had chronic fatigue I mean I could fall asleep at my computer, doze off while driving and fall asleep while my kids were talking to me.

A few weeks after starting the health supplements I no longer felt fatigued, I had more energy and eventually my sugar cravings went away completely. By January 2017 I knew I had to share about what helped me and I now had this accidental network marketing business as well as some amazing friendships that had grown because of it!

My Network Marketing business has become such a large part of my life! I love helping people daily. Prior to having children I was a Registered Nurse and it’s nice to be helping people with their health again and making a financial contribution to our family.

Some other tidbits about myself is that we LOVE Disney! I love to travel. We have an RV and travel regularly between Utah and Florida to go to Disney as well as to NY and other various places along the way. I’ve been to Canada, Mexico, Hong Kong, Thailand and Cuba. Have I mentioned we LOVE to travel and my business allows me to work from anywhere!

I‘ve figured out a way to combat my excess pounds, fatigue, stress and crazy sugar cravings, and now I want to help YOU so YOU can feel as amazing as I do!

Come join me as I navigate through this journey of raising my tweens, traveling the world and doing it all while working my business.

If you would like further information on how you can feel better, increase your energy and earn an income from home click learn more.