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Instagram hashtags

What hashtags are and what hashtags are not.

A hashtag is a label that sorts your photos into a category. You want to use hashtags on your photos that people are actually searching for. For example if I put up a picture of the kids my hash tags will revolve around motherhood and siblings ( #joyfulmamas #siblinglove )

A hashtag is not something you made up. At least not if you are trying to attract people to your account. Think about words your readers are actually searching for. Go to the recent hashtags you have used. Click on them and look at the other photos in that category. Is this where you truly want your pictures to be sorted into? Is your target market looking in this category?

Biggest Protip: You should be researching your hashtags. Every hashtag you put up should have been researched. Hashtags are one of the most important things you can add to your picture if you want to be found. Use a few niche specific ones and a few bigger ones. I try not to use hashtags with over 800,000 posts or my pictures will get lost in them. If I want to #bestfriend that particular hashtag has 52.5 million posts. However, if I go with #bestfriendforever that only has 817k posts and I have a better chance of being found in that category. #love has 1.4 BILLION posts (these are the hashtags I avoid).


To research your hashtags go to the magnify glass in your account. Enter what hashtag you are looking for and it will show you how many posts are in that particular hashtag. Once you pull up your hashtag if it is a very large one it will give smaller hashtag options. This is a great way to find relevant hashtags that may work better for you. See below for an example.

If you want to be found on Instagram through your hashtags you need to have a public account. If your account is private then it does not matter what hashtags you use because they won’t show up under that hashtag.

Do you find it easy to know what hashtags to use?

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Written by Liz Chapman
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