I met Liz in November 2016 when our husbands dragged us to a work event. We right away noticed a Disney addiction in common and that planted the seed for our friendship to grow. She and her family joined us camping at Fort Wilderness for Christmas and we really solidified our friendship. She had heard me mention on the trip about stress and not being able to eat things that I wanted to, due to tummy issues. She casually began telling me about a new venture she was on and explained how it could help me. After playing with the idea for months, I finally took the leap. It was one of the best decisions I ever made. Not only for my health, but for my family as well. What started as a journey to get myself healthy, rolled into an income for me as a stay at home mommy! I can now enjoy things like ice cream with my daughter and not have to worry about my stomach. My husband can now live his life not having to take allergy meds daily! My daughter is not only able to enjoy the products we take, she is able to see her mom be an independent woman helping to support our family. One of my favorite parts of this journeys being able to do it with someone that I truly ADORE! Liz and I have grown so close these past 6 months, that we now insist that our families, who live on different sides of the country, have to be together at least 4x per year! We support each other as moms, as wives, as business partners and most of all, as best friends. She has truly been a blessing in so many ways ~ Candice L.

I met Liz about 6 months ago through a mutual friend. I had been talking to my friend about some health issues that I was having and I was just beyond desperate to feel better. "I'd do anything at this point" I said. She introduced me to Liz and we began talking health right away. Liz was able to quickly recommend products. I was desperate for relief and I immediately bought everything she suggested. After 2 weeks I noticed such a significant improvement in my overall health, I knew there was no way I could keep this to myself. I decided to share my love for these products. I'm so glad I did. Liz is a wonderful person to work with and we've developed a strong and lasting friendship. I'm well on my way to financial freedom. I've been able to go from working over 50 hours every week to only working 30-35 hours every week and I've been able to pay off my student loans. It still blows my mind to think that all of this happened because I was just so desperate to feel better....and the best is yet to come ~Nina M.

I've know Liz for almost a year now. I met her in a TRX exercise class. As a personal trainer and fitness instructor I love to workout, so having a fun and reliable friend made exercise so much easier! As we developed our friendship I began to share about my journey with Network Marketing. I knew she could benefit from the health perks. For me it has changed my life. I'm off anxiety medication, I have so much energy to keep up with my 5 kids, my sugar cravings are gone, my exercise recovery is fast, I'm not dizzy all the time, my blood sugars are balanced, and my plantar fasciitis and sciatica are gone. I'm not worried about hormonal or adrenal issues because I know my body is getting the nutrients it needs. I feel great! I even lost some weight! At first Liz was hesitant about joining but she gave it a try and trusted me. I was so excited when she was seeing results and when she began to tell others about her success. Her passion for health and wellness is undeniable. She is an amazing leader and she inspires me everyday. She inspires her team. She works closely with people so that they succeed. I love that we have the chance to change lives together. We give hope, happiness, and health back to people ~ Bri O.

I met Liz at our Community Center where both of our kids were on the club swim team. We both were in charge of a treat bag for the swimmers after a meet. She was so nice and helpful. I then started to notice her at the same gym classes I attended and would talk with her. I then found out she was using the same plant based supplements as myself under one of my friends. My biggest regrets was that I was not the one that talked to her about these. I had something that could have helped her so much and I didn't talk to her about it. I am so grateful that my other friend did tell her about it. These are by far the best supplements I have ever used! They have been a huge lifesaver for me and my family!!! I struggled with foot pain, inflammation, weight, mood, energy, migraines, and other health issues I didn't even realize until they were gone! I cancelled my foot surgery and lost 20 lbs. and no more migraines!! I was also able to get off my acne medication! My moods and energy are so much better!! I have also saved a ton on doctor bills. Especially for my oldest daughter who had a lot of stomach and back issues that doctors couldn't even figure out. She also has a dairy intolerance that is so much better now. I am so glad that I am friends with Liz and that she has found so much relief from these supplements too. I am grateful for our friendship we have now from the gym and from the business. I love her enthusiasm for sharing these product with others to help them feel better. She is a true friend and I'm blessed to know her~ Nichole R.